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Medical Facilities

    Health services provided for students are undertaken in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University of Gaziantep concerning the health issues. Health services are offered at the Medical Center building and Sahinbey Research and Practice Hospital.

    At the Medical Center on the campus, five doctors, two dentists, a psychologist and a physiotherapist work. There is also a Psychological Guidance and Counseling Unit in the center. Sahinbey Research and Practice Hospital has been offered high quality health service to the Southeast region of Turkey with 31 clinics, 14 operating rooms and has very developed Radyodiagnostic, Nuclear Medicine and laboratory Units.

   In our hospital, approximately 165.000 patients have been examined and treated in out-patient departments and about 10.000 operations have been performed per year. Also, possibilities on practice and research for undergraduate and postgraduate education of medicine students have been given.


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