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Leissure Activities

    The university organizes a series of concerts and events throughout the academic year. The State Conservatory of Turkish Music has been established in 1987 and performs regularly in Turkish art music, Turkish folk music and Turkish folk dances. Atatürk Culture Center having a total indoor space of 2 000 meter square has an auditorium with a capacity of 498 guests. There is also an exhibition hall available in the center.

    Cultural activities are held in Medical and Social Center or Mavera Congress and Art Center. Various student groups carry out the following activities at this center: drama, Turkish folk dancing, painting, folk music, pop music, cinema, literature, aviation, mountaineering, scouting, environment, modern dance, chess, bridge, science and research.

    Occasionally, Saz and the Guitar courses are offered free of charge for students. Besides routine activities of the student groups, video and music shows, "art-days", chess and bridge tournaments are organized on certain days of the week. The Spring Festival celebrated every year has become conventional.



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