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Elektrik_Müfredat 04 June 2018
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Electricity is a source of energy which we use for lighting, heating, and in every field of life such as in the kitchen, industry and so on. That is to say, we cant’t do without electricity. Nowadays the development of industry and technology has made the neccesisty of well-trained and educated manpower.

The purpose of the Program is to get the students to have ability and skills on how to generate, transmit and distribute electricity, maintain and control a plant; project the electrical machinery and engines operating systems; find out causes of the breakdown in the electrical devices in order to meet the demands for the qualified staff in industrial sektor.

To realize the goal of the program, courses are specially designed for market eligibility, validity and the compatibility to the sector as well as transition to four- year undergraduate education. Internship opportunities are provided in the various electrical laboratories.

Program graduates are entitled as "Electrical Technician" and have the rights to work as qualified employees in all kinds of electrical establishments.

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