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03 September 2021 23:59:39


Registration Date: 6-16 September 2021

Registration Address: International Students Office (Registrations will be done face to face)

Documents required for registration:

1. High School Diploma: The original high school diploma must be submitted. Notarized or certified translations of diplomas that are not in English or Turkish must also be submitted during registration. Graduates of the Temporary Education Centers are required to present a "High School Diploma". Temporary Education Center diploma is not accepted.

2. Diploma Equivalency Certificate: It is obtained from the T.R. Ministry of National Education, Provincial Directorates of National Education or Turkish Foreign Representatives in their countries. Temporary equivalences are not accepted.

3. Transcript: The students are required to submit a certified photocopy of their official transcripts that show the courses they took in high school and their grades, and is approved by the High School Directorate. If the transcript is not in English or Turkish, a copy of its translation into these languages approved by the official authorities must be submitted together with the transcript.

5. Turkish or English Proficiency Certificate, if any.

6. Passport photo (8 copy): Photos must be taken within the last six months, front-view, can easily identify the student, face completely visible, beardless and 4.5x6 cm in size. Photocopies are not accepted.

7. Passport/Identity Card Photocopy must be in Turkish or English. Notary or certified translations of documents other than these languages must be submitted.

8. Candidates placed in the Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences - Aviation Management Program,

a) There should not be any Criminal Record Record or Criminal Record Archive Record that would prevent him from getting an airport entrance card.
b) A committee report should be obtained from a full-fledged hospital within the last 6 months (hearing loss/deficiency, vision loss/deficiency, etc.)

9. Students who will register as Dual Citizens are required to submit a “Detailed Certificate of Identity Registration” (sole Identity Registration Certificates will not be accepted) to be taken from the civil registry offices, which certifies that they are foreign nationals at birth and subsequently received dual citizenship. A student who cannot officially submit this document cannot register.

10. Students who will register with a Blue Card must submit the original and photocopy of their blue card.

11. The receipt proving the payment of the tuition fee or the official receipt from the bank must be submitted during registration.

12. Students who are citizens of Turkish Republic and have received their secondary education diploma from abroad are required to submit a detailed document showing that they have studied all of their secondary education abroad.

NOTE 1: There will be no other registrations after the final registration, and there is no additional student admission. No registration will be done with incomplete documents.

NOTE 2: During registration, 10 quota will not be exceeded in Teaching, Law, Medicine, and Dentistry departments for candidates who were Turkish citizens by birth but lost their Turkish citizenship by receiving permission to renounce Turkish citizenship from the Ministry of Interior, for candidates who certify that they have a blue card given to them upon their request after they lose their Turkish citizenship, and for those with dual citizenship (one of which must be Turkish Citizenship) who are in Turkish nationality and have completed their high school education abroad (except TRNC).

NOTE 3: Those who do not have a residence permit must bring their foreign identification number (YU number) to the Registrar's Office together with their residence permits after registration.

NOTE 4: All students are required to pay the attached tuition fee according to the program they are accepted to. The payments will be made to Halk Bank.

NOTE 5: Students are required to apply to the Social Security Institution for General Health Insurance with their foreigner ID numbers within three months. If they do not apply, they will not be able to use any health institution in Turkey.

NOTE 6: The student who has completed the registration process can log in to the STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (OBS).
Access to OBS is made from the link given below.

To log in to OBS, first fill in the required fields in the password reset field and get a password.
After receiving your password, your username is your student number.

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