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Final Sınavı Programı 01 January 2018
Mazeret Sınavları 27 November 2017
2017-2018 Ders Programı 27 September 2017
Yaz Okulu Hakkında 13 June 2017
General Information

Established in the academic year of 1992-1993 and within the Faculty of Science and Letters in the University of Gaziantep, the Department of History started education with 31 students at the bachelor degree level as one of the three department of faculty that lectured in the same year. The Department of History is proceeding its activities from the foundation year up to today as increasing instructors and students numbers, from the year of 2000 it performs master program affiliated with the Institute of Social Science. Also, a doctorate program was launched in our department in 2013. Evening education, begun in 2009-2010, is also being applied. By 2010-2011 the Department of History, consists of 6 discipline as Ancient History, General Turkish History, Medieval History, History of New Era, History of Modern Era and History of the Republic of Turkey. Our Department maintain its education an academic activities with 4 Professor, 8 Assistant Professor and 6 Research Assistant. Educational language in the department which is accepting students by exam of OSYM , is Turkish. In the department, lectures contain political history, socio-cultural history, economic history, history of religions and military history. Moreover, Ottoman Turkish, in graduate and master program, is taught to students at the level that both printed and archival documents are understood. Also, some lectures in the department are supported with assistive material like archival documents, maps and projector. The aim of our department is revealing the Turkish and word history precisely and objectively with scientific method, integrated and comparative approach,by taking advantage of modern technologies, and present the datas to service of society. Furthermore, educating qualified personnel who are capable of working in various public instutions like libraries, archives, universities, police academies, Ministry of National Education, general directorate of land registry and cadastre. The Department of History, while aiming to provide historical consciousness to its students, on the other hand it has educational perception that put forward the necessity of approaching incidents with scientific vision. Students have chanse to intend to different field with lectures, which exists in educational programme, concentrating on many dissimilar subject and period. Also, depending on the principle “ To reach the level of contemporary civilizations “ , the basis of Atatürk's renovation understanding, it tries to become a department that aims let Turkey contribute science and civilization.

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