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            This programme was opened as depend on G.M.Y.O. in academic year of 1997-1998. New Textile Technology Curriculum which was made within the context of İKMEP Programmes was begun to perform as pilot from academic year of 2009-2010. 60 students in 1. Education Programme and 60 students in 2. Education Programme are accepted to this programme every year. Education are given to the students as theoretical and practical in textile laboratories and textile atelier in different branches of Yarn Tehcnology, Weaving Technology and treatment  Technology.


            Textile sector is locomotive of economy and export in our country.  This sector is also shown an interest in and supported by state because of high employment opportunity. But, some negativities in this sector are seen because of increasing of international competition in nowadays. Some of textile factories can not renew their technologies and some of them can not find technical personnel who will use their technology. Competition of textile sector in the world have been tended to cost toward quality. So, textile factories have to raise of quality of production for keeping up their positions.


            The investment of classical treatment, yarn and weaving Technologies have been slowed down in textile sector of our country. Now, investments of technical textile and advanced technology have been increased. Especially, increasing of investments in these fields have been estimated in 10-15 year. So, qualified technical personnel who have education as professional will be needed in these fields.


            The aim of our programme is be helpful to economy of  our country as providing of  intermediate member and technician to textile sector as considering these developments.

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