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Tez Yazım Kılavuzu 20 December 2013
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Trade and investment increase with the falling barriers and the interdependence of countries in the World. Foreign trade volumes and new extent of international trade have made impossible to realize trade and logistics through old and traditional rules, although the trade restrictions(tariff,quota, tax and other restrictions). Logistics also become important together with trade improvement. So international trade and logistics play an important role in the new world system.


Department of International Trade and Logistic was established within The Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Gaziantep University 2009. The aim of Department of International Trade and Logistics is to teach basic business, economics, law, foreign languages, quantitative techniques, logistics, specialized areas of international business, international economics, international law, international relationship, strategic alliances/economic integration, entrepreneurship and related topics.


In this regard, Undergraduate and Graduate-Level education in the department of International Trade and Logistics related to the acquisition of basic information. In addition to a cirriculum program has been prepared to win of analytical skills in new developments and experienced problems in practice. Interdisciplinary perspective will be needed to addres all aspect of international trade and logistics. Therefore, as well as economics-business cources, cources include to win formation of social sciences.


Students can attend a one-year preparatory program in English. Undergraduate programs 1 and 2 class includes basic cources of economic and administrative sciences. These cources are micro, macro economics for economic analysis and marketing, accounting for business management. 3 and 4 classes include international trade and logistics courses to be built on the basis knowledge. Cirriculum of this class is designed to give opportunity to the specialist at one of field of logistics or international trade of students.

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