Gaziantep University


Sport Facilities

    At the University of Gaziantep, sports activities are conducted by the Physical Education and Sports Department attached to the Rectorship. Miscellaneous activities are carried out by the Directorate of Health Culture and Sports. On the campus, there are two indoor sports halls one of which is in the dormitory complex. Besides, there are two gymnasiums, one of which is in the dormitory complex, an olympic size (12 m. and 12 m.) wrestling ring, physical fitness hall, athletic training and practice halls, many outdoor basketball, volleyball and football fields, tennis courts, table tenis, carpet football playing fields, colligative size swimming pool and an artificial turf field, which makes all kinds of sports activities possible for the students.

    Opened by the private sector, the Game Center, by the dormitory blocks, offers various facilities such as playing bridge, backgammon, billiard.

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