Gaziantep University


General Information
The library was established as a branch of Mechanical Engineering of METU's (Middle East Technical University) Gaziantep campus. Having completed the first preperations the library was opened on 1st October 1973 at nursery building.

The main library prenciples at METU Ankara library an classification systems (LC Library of Congreess) and the other rules (AACR2 rules of cathalogs) were ordered from abroad. Moreover, 2 series of encyclopedia and some bybliographic sources were included which are taken as a gift from the library of METU that is consist of 43 books. Then the orders were quicken up from abroad and inside of the country, the number of books were increased to 1400 on 1st March 1974.

The library was directly shifted to the deanery on 10th May 1974 when the campus became a deanery part of METU. The library was changed into a directorate on 9th July 1976 by the decision of board of trustees.

The library was moved on to the enterance floor of Mechanical Engineering on 11th November 1978. Central Library moved to its new building on 14th July 1995. It continues its activity in the name of the Central Library of university since the Gaziantep University has been seperated from METU in June 1987.

The catalogs have been started to be controlled by the library automation program, BLISS, since 2000. Thus e-catalogs have been started to be used online. By the end of year 2008 the BLISS library automation program was changed as YORDAM library automation program.
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