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24 July 2020 10:34:52

GAUNYOS 2020, which enabled exam security together with artificial intelligence and live proctoring application for the first time in Turkey, was held on Sunday, July 12th. Following the exam, the system records of our candidates and the screen and camera images of the exam were investigated by our exam commission, taking into account the objections and claims of the candidates. After all these investigations, the following decisions are taken:

  • The scores of the candidates whose exam is valid have been uploaded to the system. You can access the results through the candidate system (
  • The list of those who have been decided to take the exam again as a result of the investigations of the commission is included in the announcement. The candidates who will retake the exam will get the opportunity to take a practice exam and experience the system features on Sunday, July 26, 2020. The candidates on the list will be sent an email with the exam link on the same day. The emails are sent to addresses in our candidate system. Incorrect email addresses are the responsibility of the candidates.

The exam of those who have been decided to take the exam again will be held on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 12:00 UTC+3.

The exam is equivalent to previous GAUNYOS exam in terms of subject coverage and difficulty level of questions.

The candidates must use the computers that have Windows operating system. Access to the exam will not be available through other operating systems. In addition, these computers with Windows operating systems must also have a functional camera and microphone.

Since Safe Exam Browser will be used in the exam, it is important to install it on the computer in the practice exam and prepare it for the real exam.

  • The decision to cancel the exam of the candidates, whose violation was determined by the live proctors and artificial intelligence during the examination and by the video recordings of the exam period that were investigated by the commission after the exam and were found to violate the exam rules, was made by our commission. The list of candidates whose exams have been cancelled because of the violations is included in the attachment.
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