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Department of Labour and Social Security Law comprises a system which studies juridical extension of the characteristic of employee and employer relationship and depending on this, involves a system that is tied to mixed law rules. Correspondingly, on condition that adhering the principle of remark in countenance of employee but within the principle of equality, studying of employee-employer relationship, right of organisation and state intervention is essential. As the related department has a multi-dimensional characteristic, it involves a triple separation.

a)      Individual Labour Law

b)      Collective Labour Law

c)       Social Security Law

Individual Labour Law organizes working conditions of employees’ employed on the basis of a labour relationship with employers, and rights and responsibilities of them regarding work environment. Within this scope, emerge of labour relationship within employee-employer relationship, the rules that the stakeholders are dependent on during the maintenance of labour relationship, end off the labour relationship and juridical outcomes depending on this are made subject of study by benefitting from contemporary developments and norms and developing the current legislation provisions.

Collective Labour Law has two parts as Law of Unions and Collective Labour Agreement Strike Lockout Law. Therefore, Collective Labour Law primarily examines union institutions. Union freedom, union membership, union assurances and union activities are made subject of study within national and international norms.  The importance and benefit of collective labour agreements, execution and   implementation of collective labour agreements, solving of collective labour disagreements constitute the topics made subject of evaluation under the title of Collective Labour Agreement Strike Lockout Law.

Social Security Law generally makes the implementations like economic results of certain social risks, in another word, enabling the security of individuals against income loss and expense increases the subject of study. Therefore, giving economical support to the individuals living in the society, protecting the society against events and facts which are accepted as a risk, and studying the rules of forming a general system in order to enable the personality improvement of everyone in the society, and the disagreements depending on this takes part within Social Security Law.

Within the frame of all these issues, the scientific approaches towards the related Department in which legal precedents constitute much importance besides legal arrangements necessitate the bodily evaluation of national and international norms. Consequently, Department of Labour and Social Security Law states a multidimensional process of its effects from family to society in its general meaning; and on being towards the whole life of individuals personally in terms of its special characteristic. 
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