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Referred as the fundamental course of Private Law, Civil Law is a highly important law branch. In this regard, based on civil code, broad scopes including Fundamental Concepts of Law and Law of Persons have been subjects of study in this department. It’s been aimed to attain a judicial viewpoint in terms of the enforcement of law that is in every scope of private law and even in the extent suiting its character within common law principles and Civil Law which is valid in Public Law and will be basis of other law branches. In the Law of Persons part; the natural and legal persons which are legally accepted as the two types of persons, from their legal gathering as person in field of law to ending their personage, protecting the personage, having rights and debts and potency of having rights and debts personally, names, settlements and till the kinship of natural persons, all generated aspects in terms of Civil Code have been comparatively evaluated and explained between natural and legal persons. It’s been aimed to give the students the persons in the position of right subject having rights and debts as fundamental law knowledge.

As for the Family Law, it’s been aimed to teach the conditions of establishing family that is the smallest unit of society and constitutes the basis of society, in another word, the conditions of establishing an effective conjugal union; ineffective marriages and their judicial outcomes, the rights and responsibilities of the couples towards each other, their relations with their children, besides ending the conjugal union and judicial outcomes of this, other kinship relations and from the point of people who are seen as in the need of protection of law, explaining the wardship institution foreseen to protect them, and theoretical and practical evaluating of  the provisions foreseen in the second part of the Civil Code relating the family.
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