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Department of Civil Rights Law in which human rights arising from all people are nothing but human without any discrimination are studied is a sub-branch of public law. In today’s modern law systems, all human rights are universal in terms of their scope and they are more prior and superior than all other rights and rules of law.  Therefore, it’s highly important that the civil rights constituting the core of law should be handled and learned with all sides by the jurists.

In the modern law systems which accept the law is primarily for human, the jurists’ learning fundamental civil rights and the methods of protecting these rights at national and international level are among the purposes of Civil Rights Department. At undergraduate and graduate level the subjects like; Constitution of the idea of human rights, National and international documents and institutions which came up in the field of civil rights and being developed in time, The term of civil rights and current civil rights problems which are discussed nowadays, Characteristics of civil rights are studied within this unit of science in which Law of Civil Rights courses are given.
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