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History of Law is a discipline which set forth the emergence of law systems with legal institutions and rules, put down to the fact of the progress line it underwent up to the present and its causes and effects.  On that sense, history of law provides significant gains to law faculty students in terms of both teaching them history of law and roots of legal institutions and councils and gaining them legal formation.

Within the scope of this department, in the courses of General History of Law and Turkish History of Law, it’s aimed to teach on which periods passed through in determining the law, how those affected the law at that period and how law influenced social life with causes and effects. In the courses of General History of Law, basic law branches topics like law, history, society, state, progress of positive law, institutions and concepts of law in the civilisations of Sumerian, Babylon, Assyria, Ancient Egypt, Hebrew, Ancient Persia, Ancient India and China are analyzed and studied. In Turkish History of Law courses, in order to be understood the progress line passed through up to this time, the emergence of judicial institutions and rules that exist in Turkey and two major topics, “Turkish States Before Islam” and “Turkish States After Islam” have been evaluated by predicated on law, history, society, state, progress of positive law, law institutions and concepts with branches of law.

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