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Being one of the main branch courses of public law, Constitutional Law is a law discipline studying the form of state traditionally, main institutions, the foundation and functioning of the basic bodies of state like legislation, executive and judicial, the interrelations between these organs and fundamental rights and freedoms. By the reason of studying upper law norms regulating individuals’ fundamental rights and freedoms, one of the important sides of Constitutional Law is its being related with the law of freedoms.

                In the courses of Constitutional Law, it’s aimed to teach two principal sides in particular the basic organs of state and fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. Within this frame, the basic organs of state, the interrelations between them and the foundation and functioning of these organs which are consisted of legislative, executive and judicial are studied. On that sense Constitutional Law basically studies the functioning way of the state. It’s aimed to give students the fundamental right and freedom sides of constitutional law with freedom of movement competence, in another word, personal liberty arising from human to be human, to gain recognition by legal order and by means of studying the protecting of it.

                Besides the Constitutional Law courses in undergraduate level within the department of Constitutional Law, the Latest Problems of Constitutional Law, the Latest Problems of Turkish Constitutional Jurisdiction and the Comparative Government Systems courses have been able to given.

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