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As being the Head of Department of Administrative Law in Public Law Division in Faculty of Law in Gaziantep University, it’s primarily aimed to instruct the main subjects of Administrative Law in undergraduate education in all its parts within the related regulations and literature in undergraduate education. It’s also aimed to provide the information in full about Administrative Law to the students, who will graduate from Gaziantep University Faculty of Law, which they will need while they perform the occupations they choose and help them obtain overachievement in the occupational exams they will take like Judgeship, District Governorship, Inspectorships and Speciality. In this sense, these courses will be taught within Administrative Law courses. 1- The concept of administration, the function of administration, separation of private and public administration and duties of public administration. 2- Definition, characteristics, sources and application area of Administrative law. 3- The principles dominating on the Turkish Administrative organisation and Turkish administrative organisation.  4- The characteristics and types of administrative act concept. 5- The concept and types of administrative contract, forming and terminating of an administrative contract. 6- The concept and principles of public services and the way of rendering public services. 7- The concept of public order and law-enforcement services. 8- The concept and types of public officers and legal status of civil servants. 9- The property of administration and ways of acquiring property. 10- The concept, conditions and types of administrative responsibilities. 11- The extrajudicial supervision of administration. 12- The judicial supervision of administration (Administration jurisdiction organisation and place of duty, administrative trial procedure, types of administrative suits and legal remedies). Furthermore, for the students who are interested in administrative law and want to be educated more equipped in this field, relating the sub-branches of administrative law, elective courses like Local Administration Law, Law of Protecting Cultural and Natural Properties, Officer Law and Zoning Law are offered.

As for Graduate degree, it’s aimed to give majoring on specific subjects about administrative law to those who successfully complete law education and want to have an academic career and want to specialize on certain fields besides working at administrative or judicial duties. In this sense, the courses like; 1- Current Problems of District Governments, 2- Evidences and Proofs in Administrative judicial Law, 3- European Union and Turkish Administrative Law, 4- Administrative Sanctions Law, 5- Law Enforcement Services Law, 6- Discipline Law, 7- Responsibilities of Administration, 8- Administrative Contracts Law will be given in the graduate education programs.     

Furthermore, it’s aimed to set up projects and carry out studies with governorate, municipality, district governorate and other public and private institutions at provincial, regional, national and international level.
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