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General Information:

Welcome to the webpage of Gaziantep University Arts and Science Faculty Department of Chemistry.

Established in 2003, Department of Chemistry has started to admit students to graduate programme since 2003-2004 education term and to doctoral programme since 2009-2010 education term as being connected to Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Department of Chemistry has started education activities of Undergraduate Programme of Chemistry since 2010-2011 education term. Being a department in international status, the department presently has Analytic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Biochemistry departments. The Department of Chemistry maintains its education activities with 2 Professors, 3 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professor and 4 Research Assistants. The department has totally 6 laboratories of student, instrumental analysis and research laboratories.


ü  Enhance the quality of education to international standards.

ü  In order to form an international department, enhance the number of foreign students who are continuing their education in undergraduate and graduate programs.

ü  Define its aims of education and research in the direction of current necessities of Turkey and world.

ü  To be a pioneer department which can compete with prestigious universities in its field, increase substructure of research and knowledge by performing research activities in international standards, have the respectability at national and international level, direct national chemistry sector by having reference chemistry laboratories.

ü  Develop new technologies and products with research institutions, universities, industry and R&D cooperation and international co-operation projects.

ü  Prepare its students to business life and real world experiences

ü  To be a prestigious department in society whose graduates have advanced knowledge and skills, find job easily with good opportunities, or constitute their own job opportunities.  



Creating chemists, professional chemists and doctoral level staffs in the guidance of education personnel who are equipped with knowledge, experience and substructure that are necessary for the prosperity of humanity, changing the scientific developments to technology, production and products with high added value, contributing to the advancement of industry by working in the departments of R&D and Quality, adding plus value to all departments they work, being coherent with progressing technology, converting the scientific advancements to production, sensitive to society and environment, always progressing their skills of intellectual and critical thinking.

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