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                     Medical Laboratory Techniques İKMEP 2011


In this programme, technical staff is educated in the field of methods of the clinical and other research laboratories and the performances of the tests. The graduates are not authorised to work individually but may work at private or public organisations. The theoretical and some practical courses are applied in the present faculty; however the internship and other applications are done at Gaziantep University. Faculty of Medicine. Courses are given by the members of the programme staff and the members of the Gaziantep University. Faculty of Medicine. In parallel to developed technology and increased population the future of the profession is bright and the graduates who succeed in the KPSS examinations may easily be employed in the public institutions. Besides, the graduates may be employed in the private laboratories.


Degree: Associate of Science degree diploma and Health Technician (Medical Laboratory) degree is given to those who have completed this program.

Knowledge and Skills

Students are offered theoretical and practical courses, term and summer practices to teach the use of laboratory equipments and various laboratory tests used in hospital laboratories and clinics. A student planning to enter this program should have a good background in biology, physics, chemistry and human sciences.


Duration Of Education: 2 Years

Type Of Diploma: Front Licence

Number Of Classrooms: 2

Number Of Laboratories: 1


The Required Qualifications of The Students:

Physical Properties: Although a legal restriction is not present, as hand and eye skills are important in this profession, disability of these organs should not be present for the post-graduate success. The presence of an orthopedic disability should be taken into account as the work may require night and/or day shifts and as prolonged standing may be required.- Talent: To be prone to jobs that require manual dexterity and patience and not to be effected from working with blood, sputum, urine, feces, semen and other biological fluids and operation products.- Interest: To have an interest in technical equipment, computers and automation devices.

Internship Applications and Their Durations During The Education Period In The School Of Health Services: In the summer period of the 1st and 2nd classes of all programs, 20 days mandatory application and in the spring period of the 2nd class 5 days of the week (A total of 14 weeks) hospital applications are performed.

Titles And Work Areas of The Graduates:

The graduates of this programme receive the title of “health technician”. Their work areas are all the medical analysis laboratories in the official and special institutions.


Job Opportunities: In the condition of winning the KPSS examination and appointing, the graduates may work as health technician in the medical analysis laboratories of the state hospitals, health centers, univercity hospitals, private and state. Hospitals as well as the hospitals, medical laboratories and polyclinics of the private sector.


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