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                ABOUT FACULTY

Gaziantep University Faculty of Law was established with September 27, 2010 date and 2010/938 no Council Of Ministers decision by being published in October 30, 2010 date and 27744 no of official gazette.

Having started the education with 110 students in 2011-2012 academic year, the faculty will continue education and training activities with 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and the students being placed this year. Giving the first graduates in 2014-2015 academic year, our faculty, besides being newly established, has succeeded to become prominent at students' preferences. 


Our Main Purpose: The aim of our faculty, as a science institution, is directly proportional with its being. While giving law formation education, our faculty acts with the main purposes of in one side training our students in the direction of state of law understanding and supremacy of rising law in the base of fundamental rights and freedoms, in the other side preparing them to law occupations with the most competent equipment. In order to carry out this purpose, instead of relocating faculty administration to centre, our faculty actualize education activities with consciousness of being shareholder both with education institutions and other foundations in law community in a student-centred approach.

Our Future Envisagement: Directly establishing a bound with the main purpose of its existence, Our Faculty has a future envisagement that is in concordance with the targets of our university with awareness of being a main academic unit of Bright Star Gaziantep University.

                With a perspective starting from the city of Gaziantep to all humanity, our faculty aims to be a science centre that has traditions and institutional memories which will contribute to universal law and justice criteria, people oriented but has physical opportunities proportional to this, makes short, middle and long ranges of plans.

                Trying to generate institutional envisagement in this way, our faculty aims to be an international brand with undergraduate and master degree educations, besides teaching law for justice's assurance with an interdisciplinary understanding, have a respected position in training jurists competent in all part of law.

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