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Modernity in İslahiye and

İslahiye Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


            Foundation of the İslahiye Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences attached to the Rector's Office of Gaziantep University is approved by the Council of Ministers at the date of 2/2/2009 based on the correspondences of Ministry of Education No. 2491 and No. 2492 dated 26/1/2009 and in line with the collateral clause No. 30 of the legislation No. 2809 at the date of 28/3/1983.

            Following the country specific characteristics and main regional constituents inherited from earlier times of human history, our faculty with an ever-increasing quality of education that renders the country's young generations and an elite class of students aims at catching up the modern civilization level as well as, if possible, contributing to the development process of Turkey thanks to the academic staff full of self-specialized scientific knowledge.

            The faculty has 205 undergraduate students in section Economics and 209 undergraduate students in section Business Administration. We hope that in a shortest time many other sub-sections in the faculty, such as Public Administration, Econometrics, International Relations and Public Finance is going to be activated and begin to accept new undergraduate students. On a 180.000 square meters rural land officially registered to the faculty, we have new buildings actually under construction for both educational purposes and executive services, and these are planned to be accomplished about at the end of year 2013. 

            We notice that a new era for the Republic of Turkey seems to be beginning and such a process of dynamic change in various areas of social constitution also requires different perspectives to manage to accompany with the properties of this transition period, e.g. to help attempts of related reforms realize efficiently so that both political and administrative sustainability serving these stabilization attempts can be assured, in turn, leading to organize all social groups by the help of our well-educated managers.  

            Given these purposes essentially, the chair of the faculty and the related staff carry out many arrangements. For instance, we try to make bilateral agreements between İslahiye Faculty of Economics and Administartive Sciences and various other qualified universities of the Anglo-Sakson sense of higher education so that academic staff and their students are able to be mobilized between different countries as well as regions of the whole world universities academic system. Further, we hope that non-formal and graduate (Master and PH.D.) programs will be activated in a short while as far as possible, and in this line of thought, we do consider previsions of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), EU (European Union) framework agreements and various other development agencies.

We have no doubt of that our graduates are enough-qualified to be employed in the future in respectable government agencies, e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs or Ministry of Finance as well as being Prime Minister, Minister, Member of Parliament or an excellent economist, business administrator, administrative adjudicator, district governor, financier, financial advisor, investor, public manager, ambassador, tax auditor, banker, tax expert etc. in different specialization areas of daily living.

             All in all, our faculty tends to proceed in line with the main principle that we are to suppose to have a liability to further contribute to the intellectual capital and political evolution of the Republic of Turkey as a follower to the reformist characteristics of the Turkish Nation. Such a mission leads us to have a purpose that we have to analyse problems of our counrtry and yield scientific solutions in all of the social and political platforms.





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