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Public Administration Department 
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SINAV KURALLARI 12 November 2018
General Information

Public administration is a higher education program that covers departments of administration, law, politics, urbanization and environmental issues.

Purposes of the program: 

  1. Producing knowledge through theoretical and/or empirical researches in the field of Public Administration.
  2. To foresee the problems that may arise in social, political and administrative field and also suggesting solutions for these problems by taking developments in the world and in the Turkey into consideration. Contributing development of the human capital, which conducts research that will guide public and political decision-making units for policy making.
  3. To educate the scientists who will contribute to the solution of problems in the field and to train middle and upper level administrators and experts in order to carry out solutions.
  4. Raising middle and upper level managers and specialists who are questioning, researching, able to apply knowledge into practice and have rich theoretical background, by transferring the information obtained from researches to students.

Public administration graduates will gain career opportunities in many areas of public and private sector; including ministries, universities, media and multinational corporations.

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