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General Information

The objective of Department of Turkish Language And Literature is to make scientific researches, investigations on our language and literature and to educate specialized personnel (educationalists, researchers) who are needed in several branches of Turkish Language and Literature. In our department; the latest advancements carried out on Turkish Language and Literature in national and international settings are followed and the methods used in contemporary Turkology studies are applied and taught. By giving priority to the regional researches, the written and oral materials dealing with folk literature and culture have been detected and evaluated in academic level. And conveying of these performed scientific researches to science world is enabled with publications, conference, proclamations and seminars. It’s aimed to teach the historical eras of Turkish Language from ancient Turkish era to today and contemporarily teach the works and characters entering the Turkish Literature’s field and to educate graduates in the capability of doing scientific researches in Turkology field.  In department of Turkish Language and Literature, there are six main science divisions: Old Turkish Language, New Turkish Language, Old Turkish Literature, New Turkish Literature and Turkish Folk Literature and Turkish Ethnology. The evening program has been opened and started student admittance in 2002-2003 education term.



The mission of our department, in parallel with the academic climate of our faculty and university, is to train scientists in the field of Turkish Language and Literature, which is also a social science, who can do qualified researches and studies in the field, have earned the skills of analysis and synthesis, have acquired the principles and functioning of science, have the interdisciplinary perspective between Turkish Language and Literature and other fields, can establish a connection between positive sciences and the other fields of life, share the common merits of humanity, can give high level of education in frame of universal merits, have the critical thinking, strengthen the skills and motivation, dependent to scientific understanding in constantly changing world, contemporary, questioning, respectful to human rights and ethical merits, active in social relations, internalized the democratic principles, have tolerance, can do comparisons and evaluations in different cultures and merits with objective criteria, contribute the research and unearth of regional culture merits, interiorize to share his knowledge and experience with his nation and human being, have absorbed the texts of Turkish Language and  Literature from past to today, and thus can do positive transference and production in related with occupation  and artistic fields, and faithful to Atatürk’s Principles and Reforms.


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