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Giving service lectures to whole departments of Engineering Faculty since 1987, Mathematics Department admitted its first students in 1996. The department opened evening program in 2007. Mathematics Department has been giving graduates from undergraduate programme since 2000 and giving master degree graduates since 2003. Moreover, the department has started to accept students to doctoral programmes in Spring and Fall terms since 2013. Every year, approximately 50 students are accepted to the department. The students completing the undergraduate programme which consists of required and elective courses successfully graduate by having the title of "Mathematician" and "Gaziantep University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Diploma". The wishful and successful students can also have master and doctoral educations in the department after they complete the undergraduate education. Adopting to train individuals who are expert in the field, can think analytically, and have the capability of mathematical thinking as a principle, Mathematics Department maintains its education with 2 Professors, 3 Associate Professor, 10 Assistant professors Academic Members and 4 research assistants. There are the branches of Applied Mathematics, Functional Analysis and Theory of Functions, Topology, Algebraic Number Theory and Geometry in the department. Working Areas of Mathematicians: As Mathematics earns the basic necessary knowledge and skill to work in computer field, the graduates can work in computer weighted jobs in private and public institutes. The ones trained in Applied Mathematics can be assigned to public institutions like DİE, MTA, TEK AND DSİ. Mathematicians are needed in research fields in information technologies, business, social and basic sciences. The graduates can also work at private high schools and teaching institutions at the conditions foreseen by National Education Ministry.

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