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The science and art of regaining the lost or diminishing function and aesthetics of one or more missing teeth and missing textures is called Prosthetic Dentistry. While the scientific and clinical responsibilities in this area are of the dentist , the responsibility of the laboratory stages is of the dentistry technician. A successful prosthetic dentistry treatment actually owes much to a skillful dentistry technician.The purpose of the program to train qualified technicians who can can help dentists and can carry out the stages of dental laboratory. Graduates are awarded an Associate of Science Degree diploma to be entitled as Health Technicians in the field of Prosthetic Dentistry.They can have a wide range of employment opportunities in state and private sectors.


Dental Technician Job Description:

Dental technicians are the graduates of a prosthetic dentistry vocational school who can help the patients regain the lost or diminishing function and aesthetics of one or more missing teeth and missing textures, carrying out the laboratory studies of the moving and fixed dental prostheses to be placed in the jaw or maxillofacial region according to the planned treatment of a dentist.


Dutıes, Powers And Responsıbılıtıes:

•  Building models according to the oral dimensions taken by dental physicians.

•  Helping patients with an appropriate use of the mouth by shaping, replicating, casting,  leveling and polishing the fixed or movable dentures to give them an aesthetic appearance.

•  Building total or partial removable prosthesis on the models of patients, arranging artificial teeth, making wax modelations and packing the resin into the flasks, accomplishing the denture .

•  Making obturator and apparatus like splint on the models of the patients.

•  Repairing the removable dentures.

•  Preparing the orthodontic apparatus during the treatment stages the dentists perform.

•  Handling and simply repairing the used instruments.

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