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Cancer is one of the leading health problems in the world, and radiation therapy is a major treatment modality for many malignant diseases. Currently, both the number and the technology of radiotherapy machines are not adequate in our country with regard to our population. However, the number of high-tech machines will certainly increase in the coming years. Furthermore, many technological advances have been achieved in radiation therapy, and the need for qualified radiotherapy technicians using those high-tech machines will also increase. The infrastructure of our radiation oncology department is more than adequate to give necessary high-tech education to our students.

The aim of our program is to educate qualified radiotherapists aiding radiation oncologists during radiation therapy. The graduates will receive undergraduate diploma and will become radiotherapy technicians. Radiotherapy technicians currently have many work opportunities in both state and private hospitals.

Entry Requirements for Radiotherapy Program:

The students graduated from junior technical schools (Radiology or radiotherapy) should be agile, male longer than 165 cm , females longer than 160 cm , weighed +5 or -15 of the last two figures of their lengths in cm, able to carry patient on stretcher or heavy lead blocks. They should be adequate both physically and mentally.

The Task Definition of Radiotherapy Technicians

Radiotherapy technicians are the health personnel who have graduate d from vocational school s giving undergraduate education and aids radiation oncologists in therapies us ing all types of radiotherapy machines.


The Responsibilities, Duties and Competences of Radiotherapy Technicians

  • Immobilization of patient (preparation of thermoplastic masks)
  • Preparation of individualized focalized blocks (automatically or manually)
  • Simulation procedure (the determination of radiotherapy fields)
  • Adjustment of radiation therapy position (set-up)
  • Processing of simulation and port films in dark room
  • Maintenance of equipments in dark room and change of solutions
  • Film processing in automatical film processors
  • Work with all types of radiotherapy machines
  • Archiving and registries of patient charts
  • Preparation of all types of auxiliary equipments needed by radiotherapy patients
  • Application of radiation therapy and check of patient condition during therapy
  • Making maintenance and simple repair of radiotherapy machines.
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