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                          Elder Care Programme


In present day, elder care services has called more and more attention because of the reasons such as decreasing young population, families becoming smaller and their geographical dispersion, demand of women for education and work, the greater life expectancy of elderly people. This programme educates the intermediate member that makes the elder and ruined people hold on the life, takes them away from the future anxiety, put their time to good use with productive activities, provide them to be responsive and protective for their bodies and living areas and apply all these to their lives.

Aım Of The Programme: To educate the intermediate member able to give the “Elder Care” service.

Educatıon Perıod: 2 years

Type Of Certıfıcate: Associate degree

Class Number: 2

Laboratory Number: 2

Qualıfıcatıon Of Students: To be able to care the elders in the way as they need, prepare and introduce the surrounding for this needs, to be able to contribute the improvement of health standards and life quality of elder people, have the qualification to apply and improve the elder care services, to be able to produce solves, vulnerable for team work and have the responsibility feeling. Have the capasity to give the qualified service of “Elder Care” at the geriatrics department of public and private foundations, medical rehabilitation centers, rest homes and at homes.

Practıcal Traınıng Actıvıtıes In Educatıon Perıod And Theır Duratıon:

20-days long compulsary practical training courses in the summer periods of the 1st and 2nd years. 14-weeks long practical training course at hospitals in the spring period of the 2nd year.

Tıtle Conferred And Employment Fıelds After Graduatıng: Health technician title is conferred to the graduates.

Employment Fıelds: They can work at geriatrics departments of public foundations with the prerequisite of passing the KPSS exam and can work as health technician at private health foundations giving elder care services.

Future Of Vocatıon: Health organisations’ demand for skilled and educated health technicians would increase parallel with the improving public and technology. Our students have the opportunity for attending a 4-years education by passing OSYM examination after the graduation


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