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Scholarship Announcement 07 September 2018
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The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is one of the eleven engineering departments at University of Gaziantep. Since the start of civilisation, the technological development of the human kind has been dependent on the discovery, development and use of materials. Current technology is extraordinary for a great variety of available engineering materials, with complex structures and impressive properties. All of the engineering fields deal with metallic, ceramic, polymeric, or composite materials. In spite of the abundance of materials, development in almost all fields of engineering is still restricted by the availability of suitable materials with particular properties. Metallurgical and materials engineers are trained in the selection, methods of production, treatment, and finishing of the materials. As well as developing new materials and understanding their properties, metallurgical and materials engineers are interested in optimising the use of raw materials and energy by controlling and developing more efficient fabrication processes. Department Mission Statement To train the future industrial and academic leaders in metallurgical and materials engineering by providing a comprehensive, forward-looking and broad-based curriculum, which emphasizes fundamental principles, practical applications, oral and written communication skills, and professional practice and ethics. Department Vision Statement With its academic staff who are experts and experienced in their fields and with its continuous development it aims to gain a position as an internationally recognized, and one of the leading metallurgical and materials engineering departments.

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