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Gaziantep University Sani Konukoğlu Textile Engineering Department is founded in 1996.  In 1998-1999 academic year the first under graduate students started education in the department language of instruction is English in the department. In 2000-2001 academic year the first postgraduate students are taken. In 2011, through the partnership with Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University the PhD program has been opened. Textile Engineering Department students take compulsory and elective courses on yarn manufacturing, weaving, knitting, nonwovens, dyeing and finishing, ready made clothing, textile machinery and technical textiles areas in addition to common engineering courses during 7 semesters except preparatory class. Textile Engineering Department offers double major program with mechanical and industrial engineering departments and minor program with mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, economics and business departments. With Socrates-Erasmus Program students and academic staff can share international-level information with universities located in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is aimed to educate social responsible, innovative, collaborative and idealistic engineers in our department.

In the 2012-2013 academic year; in line with the newly formed business dynamics; to meet the evolving needs of the business world, to develop students' practical experience and to adapt them to the working life; the intern engineering practice has started. Scope of practice; students are finding the opportunity to work full-time in accredited companies in the last semester before graduating. With this practice it is aimed to train engineers having better prepared for working life, social responsibility, innovative, idealistic in a way that is open to cooperation is aimed to train engineers.

Gaziantep plays an important role with industrial and commercial infrastructure in Turkey's economy. Textile is leading sector for Gaziantep industry. Sector primarily focuses on the manufacturing of different kinds of yarn and carpet. In particular, this sector, which dominates in Turkey, is important in terms of machine carpet, yarn and nonwoven production (Source= To meet the needs of this large sector such as textile engineer, academic support and laboratory facilities, intern engineering applications and especially the carpet tests are performed. In addition, our lecturers work in collaboration with the sector to respond to their needs. Graduated engineers from Textile Engineering Department, which is located in an advanced textile industrial city, can work in production,   planning, marketing and R&D units of textile industry.                               


High level of quality in education with scientific and technological development, educating textile engineers can assimilate practical and theoretical information, have higher analytical thinking, have developed vocational foresight with strong background about textile engineering science, with ethical values, high sense of responsibility, capable of investigating, designing, analyzing and solving problems.


To train textile engineers which may reach the leading position in business and to make researches at the international level for contributing the development of our country by maximizing the quality of education and improving the leading position among textile engineering departments.


Textile Engineering Department started the education in 1998 and gave its first graduates in 2003. In addition to the undergraduate degree program, department has a M.Sc. program and PhD program partnership with Kahramanmaras Sutcu İmam University Textile Engineering Department. Gaziantep has an important place for the textile industry in Turkey; textile production takes in many areas such as yarn, carpet, nonwoven and technical textiles. We aim to educate qualified and expert engineers in Gaziantep which has a wide range of production in the textile field. Thank to intern engineering practice before graduate, students are finding opportunities with working full-time in an accredited companies. With this practice, our students are gaining practical experience in working life.

Our department includes seven laboratories and one pilot plant actively used. The pilot plant, established in 2006, gives opportunity to the students on converting theoretical info gained by lecturers to practical applications. 2 Professors, 3 Associate Professor, 2 Assistant Professors, and 3 Research Assistant with a total 10 faculty members continue to education in our department.



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