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Dear Students welcome to the Department of Industrial Engineering at Gaziantep University Engineering Faculty. The Department of Industrial Engineering was established in 1995 within the Faculty of Engineering and started education-training activities with 30 students in 2000-2001. Our department currently 7 faculty members, 6 assistants, and nearly 850 students is one of the few departments of its kind in Turkey that offers 100 English education. All cources are given by qualified academicians supported by other departments.

Industrial Engineering is an engineering discipline that follows, uses, develops, manages rapidly developing technology within the constraints of labor, time and cost, and constructs, heals, produces, controls and designs complex systems. In our Department, theoretical knowledge in the areas of Industrial Engineering, such as Operations Research, Statistics and Data Analysis, Ergonomics, Production Management and Inventory Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain, Simulation and Network Theory, Quality and Project Management, Product Development Processes, Technology Management as well as Energy Management and Control, methods, real-life applications are presented to our students.

We believe that your knowledge that you have gained when you graduated in the Industrial Engineering department where you will spend four years from now on will carry you to the top of your competitions and you will come to very good positions in the academic environment and in the business environment. We can proudly say that the feedback we received from our graduates is; our students enter the business life in a short period of time and again they come to senior posts in a very short period of time.

You can always contact the administrative and academic staff of your department at any time. You will learn the best in Industrial Engineering science with experienced and expert teaching staff and at the same time, you will shape your future. But do not forget that it is in your hand to make the effort to improve yourself socially and academically. Do not hesitate to take advantage of all the facilities of your university and your department for this. I hope you will pass your student life in the most productive way and will do useful things to yourselves and to your society. Remember that we teachers can teach you something, and we can learn something from you too. But we can not learn instead of you. For this reason, study hard, this is in your control and will always take you forward. Get rid of inertia and do not waste the time that has been given to you. Develop your skills in your area of emphasis and enjoy the opportunities to explore other areas, make lots of new friendships and networks. Graduate at the end of four years with awareness of the skills, knowledge, and features you have earned.

I wish you all success and happiness in our university and our department.

Professor Dr. Serap ULUSAM SEÇKINER

Head of Industrial Engineering Department

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