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Food Engineering provides the students with an engineering education directed toward the application of modern science and engineering to the process, manufacture, preservation and distribution of food products. The theoretical and practical aspects of food industry ranging from the quality of raw materials to the final usage of products by consumers are the main concerns of food engineering. The food industry is large and of considerable economic and social significance in Gaziantep, Turkey and the world. Employment opportunities at the B.S. level include production management, product and process development, process design and project engineering. Food preservation operations and food processing operations are examples of activities that require the skills of food engineering technologists and engineers. Therefore, students with this interest should select subjects to augment their background in chemistry, microbiology and process engineering. The department offers education at both undergraduate and graduate levels (M.S. and Ph.D.). The graduate programme aims to provide more depth and breadth to the undergraduate background of the students in different phases of food engineering such as food science and food technology. The Food Engineering Department has the following research facilities and laboratories: General Chemistry Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, Food Chemistry Laboratory, Food Fermentation Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Food Microbiology Laboratory, Food Quality Control Laboratory, and Food Operation Laboratory. Also by use of internship program, students may develop practical applications in food production plants during their last semester. In Food Engineering Department, there are 11 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 13 Research Assistants, 7 administrative staff and 3 Auxillaries.


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