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Department of economics which is the foundation of the Economics and Administrative Science Faculty, started its education in 1993-1994 academic calendar year. The aim of Department of Economic is to teach a general economic theory at its foundation to employ quantitative methods such as mathematics and econometrics and keeping in mind the firms and markets that apply the science of economics, and educate economist who analyzes the Turkish economy in historical perspective with different aspects, and who will work as a researcher and practice. In a fast changing and developing world we need the skills ad knowledge to analyze economic concepts, research, predict and to reach correct conclusions. The science of economics does not have a laboratory or the chance to make experiment. Previous events and data shads light on the science of economics. In the Department of Economics it is aimed to educate students that optimum employment of human resources, equipped with economics education young, dynamic, fast and have the skills to give correct decisions that will fulfill the expectations of the society.

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