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MUP YÖNERGESİ 20 February 2018
2017-2018 Ders Programı 21 September 2017
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Fast increasing world population has caused healthy, sufficient, nutritious food problems. We need qualified technical staff between workers and engineers in order to produce healthy, nutritious and scientific food. Cereal technology, chocolate and confectionery technology, pistachio, pepper and tomato paste, macaroni production are some examples to food products and technology mainly important in Gaziantep and South East Anatolia.

Food Processing Department was established in 2009 with two programs which are Food Technology and Food Quality Control and Analysis Programme. Programs grown up rapidly with the incorporation in the Human Resources through Vocational Education Project (HRD-VET) in 2008-2010. We had well-equipped laboratories with this project.





Our graduated students can work both laboratory and production lines in food industry. Firms in this region have been accepted our students summer training practice.

Quotas are 50 students for Food Technology Department and 45 students for Food Quality Control and Analysis Programme.

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