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Medical Laboratory Techniques Programme (IKMEP 2011):

In this programme, technical staff is educated in the field of methods of the clinical and other research laboratories and the performances of the tests. The graduates are not authorised to work individually but may work at private or public organisations. The theoretical and some practical courses are applied in the present faculty; however the internship and other applications are done at Gaziantep University. Faculty of Medicine. Courses are given by the members of the programme staff and the members of the Gaziantep University. Faculty of Medicine. In parallel to developed technology and increased population the future of the profession is bright and the graduates who succeed in the KPSS examinations may easily be employed in the public institutions. Besides, the graduates may be employed in the private laboratories.


Emergency and First Aid (PARAMEDIC)(IKMEP 2011): is a health professional who is defined as the key of the health chain in the Emergency Health Services. Paramedic is an important part of the pre-hospital emergent care who is equipped with information in order to intervene the patient or the wounded who is generally in the critical situation, in accordance to ethical rules. The purpose of this programme is to train qualified human power in the institutions and organizations which serve emergency health services, particularly health agencies.


Medical Documentation and Secretariat Programme and

Secretaryship Secondary (Night School) Education Programme

Aim To train medical secretaries needed in the health sector for medical documentation and secretaryship. At the end of the program, graduates are entitled as “health technicians” (medical secretaries) in accordance with the YOK Decision ( dated 27.07.1992 date and numbered 92.26.698 ). Speaking, listening, dressing, protocol rules, motivation, stress management, working with manager, efficient diction, Tecnics of filing and archiving, coding with ICD 10 classification system, w riting formal mails , etc. The graduates also acquire computer skills, 10 finger typing (without viewing the monitor and in parallel to the speed of speech ), as well as designing graphics, setting, and imagining.


Program of Medical Imaging Techniques;

 The aim of the program is to train technicians who are expertized in methods and us age of equipments of medical visualization. Graduates are not authorized to work individually, but they can work in public or private health service sectors. The theoretical and practical lectures of the program are performed in Gaziantep University Medical Faculty of Radiology. Lectures are given by the lecturers of the program and lecturers of Gaziantep University Medical Faculty of Medicine.



Cancer is one of the leading health problems in the world, and radiation therapy is a major treatment modality for many malignant diseases. Currently, both the number and the technology of radiotherapy machines are not adequate in our country with regard to our population. However, the number of high-tech machines will certainly increase in the coming years. Furthermore, many technological advances have been achieved in radiation therapy, and the need for qualified radiotherapy technicians using those high-tech machines will also increase. The infrastructure of our radiation oncology department is more than adequate to give necessary high-tech education to our students.The aim of our program is to educate qualified radiotherapists aiding radiation oncologists during radiation therapy. The graduates will receive undergraduate diploma and will become radiotherapy technicians. Radiotherapy technicians currently have many work opportunities in both state and private hospitals.


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