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Structural Division 
General Information

There are 5 lecturers and 5 research assistants in Structural Division. Graduate and undergraduate programs include the studies on structural and material mechanics, structural design, earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, design of steel and reinforced concrete structures, retrofitting of existing reinforced and masonry structures, engineering properties of construction materials, advanced concrete technology, and construction management. The structural division also consists of structures and materials of construction laboratories. It is aimed at conducting tests on mechanical and durability characteristics of materials as well as tests on reinforced concrete and steel structural systems. Currently, there are a number of on-going M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies on the recent scientific research issues in concrete technology, modeling and analysis of reinforced concrete and steel structural systems.


Assoc.Prof. Mehmet Gesoğlu

Assoc.Prof.  Erhan Güneyisi

Assoc.Prof.  Esra Mete Güneyisi

Assoc.Prof.  Ahmet Öztaş

Assoc.Prof.  Mustafa Şahmaran

Res.Asst. Ayşegül Gültekin

Res.Asst. Osman Hansu

Res.Asst.Süleyman İpek

Res.Asst. Kasım Mermerdaş

Res.Asst. H. Öznur Öz

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