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Hydraulic LaboratoryMekanik LaboratuarıMaterials of Construction LaboratoryTransportation LaboratoryGeoteknik Laboratuarı
General Information
The department has been furnished with equipment for construction materials, land surveying, structural mechanics, transportation, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology and water resources to serve the needs of education and research. At present, construction materials, structural mechanics, transportation, soil mechanics and hydraulics laboratories have been developed to meet some percentage of the needs of the related curriculum. By making use of the facilities in the workshop and materials laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, these laboratories are used for instruction, graduate research and for expertise service to industry. Students successfully completing their courses are entitled to a 'Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering' degree. Practical experience is a must for this degree and accordingly, students are required to do engineering practice at the end of their first, second and third years and to have a satisfactory record of their practical work approved by the Department. During the fourth year, technical elective courses are offered to enable the students to further their knowledge in specific fields. A graduate program is offered in the fields of construction materials, transportation, hydraulics, structural mechanics, geotechnics and construction management leading to the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Civil Engineering.
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