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SYB 382 CHILDREN AND SPORTS (2 0) 2 Definition, history, importance of game for children, effects on child development, game environment and tools, game teaching of basic movements, game selection, individual and group games, games for sports branches. SYB 384 HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY (2 0) 2 Definition and historical development of human rights and democracy; concepts of democracy, freedom and equality, different concepts of democracy, democratic culture, democracy in school and in the family, democratic citizenship; rights and freedoms, child and women's rights, national and international regulations on human rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child, etc.); human rights and democracy education SYB 386 LEADERSHIP IN SPORT MANAGEMENT (2 0) 2 Transformational Leadership Process; Organizational Activities affecting Converter Leadership; Definition of Sporda Organization; According to the Characteristics of Organizations; Stages of Activities in Sports Organizations; Renewal Process in Sports Organizations; Group Planning and Communication in Organizations; The Significance of Sporda Leadership Concept; Types of Leadership: The Difference Between Manager and Leader; Functions and Functions of the Leader; Transformer Leadership Concept. SYB 388 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY (2 0) Definition (s), methodology and historical development of social psychology and attitudes and attitude change, social perception, social cognition, conflict and aggression. SYB 390 TURKISH PRESS HISTORY (2 0) 2 Printmaking, book writing and information dissemination, establishment and development of printmaking in the Ottoman Republic, press history and development process of the republic of Turkey and sports press
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