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ARK 108   Non-department Elective Course II  Mythology of Mesopotamia ( 3 0 ) 3 Preface, Old East and Turkish mythologies, examining the effects of the myths on the east and west, comparison of the formation and main lines of Aegean, Greek and Western Anatolian mythology. SOS 105   Non-department Elective Course II Anthropology Introduction ( 3 0 ) 3 This course includes the definition and development of anthropology, the cultural and biological evolution of the human race; the interaction between people, nature, technology, and the different social and economic organizations that people have developed during the evolution process GEFT 403  Non-department Elective Course II  Theater and Animation ( 3 0 ) 3 The basic concepts of theater, the importance of animation and dramatization, the basic elements of theater, language and expression ways used in theater, voice, language and body relation, staging, text selection and examination, text reading and animation. GEFT 222 Non-department Elective Course II   Effective communication skills (3-0)3, Communication concept and its components, Communication process, Communication models, Internal communication and empathic communication, Group communication, Interpersonal communication conflicts and management, Listening skill, Speaking and writing skills GEFT 322 Non-department Elective Course II   Narrative Techniques I: Speech Education (3-0)3, To gain Turkish thinking, speaking skills and habits in your future teachers. To bring pupils into a productive and participatory position with the ability to speak native language correctly and in accordance with its rules. To teach the methods used to develop correct and effective speaking skills. To understand the activities to be followed in speech education. To implement these activities with candidates. To understand the place and importance of speech education in Turkish program. GEFT 402 Non-department Elective Course II   Modern Turkish Literature (3,0)3. To give information about the modernization stages of Turkish Literature, to teach how new types enter our literature, to determine the role of the newspapers in this way by giving development in our literature.
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