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GEEB 451 Behavioral Disorders in Children and Adolescents (3-0) 3 Basic Concepts in Mental Health: Definition of mental health, normal-abnormal concepts, main criteria for normal-abnormal behaviors. Main Factors in Mental Health: Factors affecting mental health (biological and psychosocial), the effects of these factors on mental health, the development of attachment and self model. Methods Used in Mental Health: Interviewing with parents, interviewing and observation with children, playing, drawing pictures and talking on pictures, psychological tests, getting information from school and teacher. Definition of Mental Disorders and Compliance Disorders, Diagnostic Criteria and Causes: Mental retardation, learning disorders, motor disorders, communication disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral disorders, nutritional disorders, tic disorders, outpatient disorders, childhood schizophrenia, school phobia, masturbation, finger sucking / nail eating, stealing / theft, lie scare, jealousy, aggression, mood disturbance, selective speechlessness, reactive attachment disorder, stereotypic behavioral disorder, short and long term maternal deprivation, separation anxiety disorder.   GEEB 455 Sociology of Education (3-0) 3 Interests of educational sociology, research topics, historical development and research methods. Education as a social institution; Historical development and objectives. Social functions of education. Education society and culture. Socialization and education. Social structure and education; social classes, social stratification, social mobility, social change and education. Social institutions responsible for education. School and education. The structure of the school is the social dynamics of the classroom. School-community interaction. Teaching profession. GEEB 461 Sexual Health Education (3-0) 3 Sexual Health Science Education, Sexuality in Society, Value Creation, Sexual Identity Development, Physical Changes During Adolescence, Mental Changes During Adolescence, Reproductive Health, Decision Making Process and Safe Behavior, Habits, Application Centers, Population Information, Related Misleading Information and Beliefs.
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