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Elective Courses (3-0) 3
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BESO 420 Sport and Tourism (2-0) 2 Basic concepts, socio-economic factors affecting tourism participation, reasons for preferring tourism, sport tourism contribution, sports tourism and animation. BESO 422 Sport, Press and Public Relations (2-0) 2 General information about the press and public relations, the use of methods of communication tools and the relation with sports, the publishing of sport in Turkey, the author and media. BESO 424 Physical Education Teaching in Basic Education (2-0) 2 Characteristics, expectations and abilities of basic education age group (6-14). Teaching basic physical education and sportive forms with appropriate teaching methods in line with age group characteristics. Acquisition of physical education and sports culture. BESO 426 Ergogenic Aids of Sport (2-0) 2 Discussion of materials that do not fall into doping and doping classifications, learning of sportha ergogenic help methods. BESO 428 Elderly and Sports (2-0) 2 Anatomical, physiological and motoric changes that occur with aging. Changes in the appearance of the heart, circulatory, respiratory, skeletal and nervous systems. Changes in the composition. Changes in muscular strength, strength, speed and coordination. Points to note when exercising for the development and preservation of motor skills of the elderly due to these changes. Exercises for the elderly. BESO 430 Childhood and Youth Psychology (2-0) 2 Definition and meaning of psychology, developmental stages in children, psychosocial development, developmental stages, infancy, first childhood, second childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. BESO 432 Management and Organization of Feast and Ceremonies (2-0) 2  Laws on Turkish Flag, Laws on National Holiday and General Holiday, General Principles to be Applied in Official Ceremonies, Establishment, Duties and Authorities of Celebration Committees, Preparation of Wreaths to be Made at Monuments on Memorial Days , Transportation and Presentation, National Festivals and Certain Days and Weekends, Regulations Exercises and Basic Gymnastics Positions,
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