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BESO 421 Athletics (3-0) 3 Theories of basic tactics and techniques related to athletics, the selection and evaluation of elite athletes. Providing information about the athletic high level education and training methods, athletic training information, refereeing, coaching information and the theories of coaching practices. Preparation of the individual and individual athletes, pre and post competition information. BESO 423 Basketball (3-0) 3 Teaching the game rules in basketball, basic individual, group basketball defense, offensive movements from the practical point of view. In terms of team practice, basketball is taught by applying the concepts of defense, fast attack, offense in the theoretical form. Teaching the concept of individual, group and team training in a theoretical way by considering it from practical point of view within the scope of special training information towards basketball. Competition management. BESO 425 Volleyball (3-0) 3 High-level teaching methods of basic technical movements related to volleyball, service delivery arrangements, game systems, defense and offensive tactics, volleyball coaching information and training information. Athletic choice tests, psychological qualities of volleyball athlete, injuries and rehabilitation of volleyball players. BESO 427 Handball (3-0) 3 The definition and history of handball game, technique without ball, collective technique, deception, individual defense, group defense, group attack, goalkeeper, workings in positions, applications in game, team defense, game rules. Handball high level teaching and training methods, defense team tactics, offensive team cooperation, fast attack, offense in special situations, handball training information, refereeing, coaching information and coaching applications. BESO 429 Wrestling (3-0) 3 Historical information about wrestling, Wrestling upper level education and training methods, giving wrestling training and coaching information, athlete psychology, refereeing, weight loss, theories of education and teaching practices of basic tactics and techniques, the application of various tests in the selection of wrestlers. BESO 431 Artistic Gymnastics (3-0) 3 Giving theories of basic tactics and techniques related to artistic gymnastics and basic techniques in all gymnastics equipments. The mistakes encountered during the application of the techniques, and studies involving forms of help, Artistic gymnastics training information, refereeing, and coaching applications. BESO 433 Rhythmic Gymnastics (3-0) 3 Reinforcement of high-level movements related to rhythmic gymnastics, comprehension of teaching methods, use of all materials and materials, selection of music, rhythm and movements according to age groups. Rhythmic Gymnastics training information, refereeing, coaching and coaching applications are given. Practice in music accompaniment of group and individual studies. BESO 435 Tennis (Court) (3-0) 3 Teaching theories and basic theories about tennis. Examination of modern and traditional teaching methods.Tenis training information, nutrition, disability and preventive information, referee and coaching information given. BESO 437 Badminton (3-0) 3 Badminton teaching methods and referee information coach and training programs, training information, psychological education. School and club-based testing and measurement, evaluation of beginners and elite athletes. BESO 439 Swimming (3-0) 3 Basic technical education of the rate, applications and applications of technical education at high level and principles. Tactical principles and high-level sampling of the flood. Studies to reflect theoretical knowledge to practice. New approaches to the understanding of technique-tactics and training in swimming. BESO 441 Football (3-0) 3 Definition in futbol, basic knowledge in coach science, training to improve football performance, training, tactical and tactical choice in young people, futbola systems. Futbol marking, goalkeeper training, coach duties, training and competition observation, pre-season and competition training, training period, private and official competitions, futbol referee, coach and athletic associations. BESO  443 Folk Dances (3-0) 3 Teaching methods of peoples and theories of the practice of regional games, game rhythms, field knowledge and competition rules. Teaching the knowledge of private training, stage techniques (light-decor-sound) costume information. BESO 445 Sports Massage and Rehabilitation (3-0) 3 Description of massage, historical development, importance, indications and contraindications of massages, massage types, contest and training massages, general principles of massage, massage manipulations and massage applications according to body regions teaching. BESO  447 Ping Pong (3-0) 3 Giving the theories of basic tactics and techniques related to table tennis, the selection and evaluation of table tennis players. BESO 449 Mountaineering (3-0) 3 Definition, historical development, purpose, equipment, use of necessary material equipments. Use of materials, climbing, hiking, direction information, camping, natural life, protection and maintenance, event planning and evaluation applications. BESO 451 Judoka (3-0) 3 Teaching the basic techniques and tactics of Judoka. Teaching and teaching theories of judo advanced teaching methods and refereeing knowledge, training information, nutrition, disability and disability prevention information and referee and coaching information. Using materials and developing and changing rules and field information. BESO  453 Hockey (3-0) 3 Historical development of hockey. Referee and rule knowledge. Teaching the theories of education and teaching practices of tactics with the basic technique of Cem Hockey. Selection and evaluation of sports. Training planning. Training and competition observation, pre-season and competition training.
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