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Elective Course (2-0) 2
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BESO 320 Sports Psychology (2-0) 2   Definition, basic concepts, purpose, development and working areas of daily trends, cognitive, emotional and personality factors affecting spudal performance, psychological training, competition, group dynamics and leadership in sports.   BESO 322 Sports Facilities Planning and Operation (2-0) 2 Basic information about definition of physical education and sports facilities, basic concepts, provide coordination related to design, efficient and effective use, basic knowledge of operational-development of facilities.. BESO 324 Recreation (2-0) 2 Time, leisure and recreation concepts, analysis, recreation education, management, recreation leadership, recreational situation and recreational participation factors in Turkey and in the world, leisure time and employment in sport. BESO 326 Sport Marketing and Sponsorship (2-0) 2 Promotion of advertising, promoting, sponsorship, using rules in sport towards sportsmen and sports staff. BESO 328 biomechanics (2-0) 2 Definition, comprehension of movement knowledge. Demonstration of physics concepts and formulas related to motion information. Biomechanical analysis of sportive movements.     BESO 332 Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation (2-0) 2 Factors that prepare sports injuries, reasons that cause sportsmen to be injured, sport injuries mechanisms, prevention of sports injuries. the aim of warming, the principles, the influence, the classification, the muscle injuries, the sprains, the fractures, the dislocations, the cramps. Bandage’s mission, purpose and kinds; conservative treatment and rehabilitation in sports injuries. BESO 334 WOMEN AND SPORT (2-0)2 Anatomical, physiological and psychological features of woman. Special periods of women (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and exercise). Since of differences such as strength, flexibility, anaerobic power, aerobic capacity, fat mass points to pay attention in women's training. Exercises to be done before, during and after pregnancy. BESO 336 Effective and Good Speech (2-0)2 Sound-Breathing techniques, making clear voices, correct accentuation of spoken words, establishing proper sentences, supporting speech with body language and acquiring ability of effective speaking plan. BESO 338 Talent Research and Motors Tests (2-0) 2 İnvestigation of the biomotorological qualities which are the factors to increase the sports  efficiency and implementing motorcycle tests.
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