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Elective Course (2-2) 3
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BESO-220 BADMINTON Technical and tactical training for badminton sports, and transmission of their teaching in various age groups. BESO-222 RYTHMIC GIMNASTICS (FEMALE) Giving students the ability to make presentations with different movement experiences in aesthetic integrity in music accompaniment of instrument and body movements rather than stereotyped methodical structure. BESO-224 SPORT MASSAGE human anatomy, massage movements, practice forms and teaching methods.   BESO-226 WRESTLING (MALE) History of Wrestling, importance of it in Turkey and World, Types of Wrestling, Basic Wrestling Techniques. BESO 228 PARISHING SPORTS Technical and tactical training for parachute sports, transmission of teaching them in various age groups. BESO 230 SEARCH AND RESCUE IN NATURAL DISASTERS Ropes and their use, hydraulic separators and scissors, jacks, cranes, inflatable cushions BESO 232 WATER BALL Standing and progressing on water, holding and moving ball, pass types, attack, defensive exercises. BESO 234 TENNIS This course includes tennis history, field features and game rules and teaching methods with ball sense, forhand, backhand, service and volley techniques. BESO 236 WEIGHT LIFTING Definition, historical development, weight lifting systems, basic techniques, breaking, shrinking and weight exercises specific to branches, referee rules BESO 238 JUDOKA Judoka basic skills acquisition and use in teaching. BESO 240 APPLIED CAMP EDUCATION (SUMMER CAMP) Theoretical and practical training for water sports, hiking, camping, Orientring and scuba branches. BESÖ 244 KARATE-DO Aerobic and Anaerobic System Training Practices, General, Maximal, Durability, Mobility and Explosive Force Training Practices. Olympic Lifting Practice. BESO 246 KORFBALL Korfball game and Korfball game rules and teaching technical and tactical skills (Rust, Turnstile,, Shoot, Penalty, Ribaunt). BESO 248 CHESS History of chess game, benefits, basic concepts about chess, movements of stones in chess game, matt, pat, rok, passing stone, pawn, notation, game opening, game breaks. BESO 250 FENCING Folk and sword weapons defense of the fencing sport and teaching of the attack techniques in an aesthetic way.
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