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BESO-120 SPORTS PHILOSOPHY AND OLYMPISM Aims to investigate basic concepts of philosophy, main topics, historical development of philosophy, relation of philosophy with sport, philosophical aspect of man's physical activity, evaluation of philosophical thought of body cultures, play and sport phenomena, sport and aesthetics, sports and ethics, the role of moral behaviors within reducing violence in sport, culture and civilization, rituals and symbols in olympic sports culture, amateurism and professionalism will be examined. BESO-122 SPORTS AND ENVIRONMENT To contribute to the formation of environmental awareness, to respect the environmental right of the future generations by using the environment properly, to take into consideration the environmental factors in the construction and use of sports facilities, to teach the rules of environmental behavior by informing the athletes, managers and audiences of sport elements about the environment; It contains combination of sport and environment depends which mentioned above. BESO-124 CHESS History of chess game, benefits, basic concepts about chess, movements of stones in chess game, matt, pat, rok, passing stone, pawn, notation, game opening, game breaks. BESO-126 GROUP DYNAMICS AND LEADERSHIP Group formation stages, group structure: norms role, structure of group dynamics, importance of group dynamics in leadership, group communication structure, role of group dynamics in leadership skills.   BESO-128 SPORT SOCIOLOGY The basic concepts of sociology are related to sports, the understanding of the relationship between sport and culture, sport and society, sports and education, sports and economic life, deviation and violence of sport, sport and culture, sports and population structure, and topics such as media, popular culture and sports, sports industry, sports and politics, historical history of sports institutionalization, amateurism and professionalism in sport will be examined. BESO-130 TRADITIONAL SPORTS Forgotten sports, Traditional sport philosophy, collecting and knowing how to tell and spread to society. Differences between modern sport and traditional sport. Our general sports culture. Concepts related to Traditional Sports BESO-132 BRIC GAME General description and classification, declaration and play technique, color hierarchy, major system of 5, 1 level color opening and development, 1 nt opening and developing, 2 color opening, 3 and 4 level blocking opening, 3 nt opening, openings and improvements, overcall talks, contours, inverted minor, twoway chackback, card game, defender, 1 nt defense; capaletti, apel-defos systems, Lebenshol, forsinger slander. BESO-134 CHILDREN AND SPORTS Views on children and sports. Child development  (Motor, somatic, motor, sensory and social aspects) movement training and training in children (purpose, contents, stages, risks and risks of child training), conditional motoric features and training recommendation, psychomotor features and its education, the period of child training, child and competition, child definition of concept of talent and tendency, prerequisites for talent selection and research, ability selection principles in individual and team sports, practice examples, scientific and practical experiences, different samples of contemporary model examples for talent selection.
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