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Materials of Construction Laboratory
The main purpose of the studies carried out in this laboratory is to establish an environment for students to find out some basic properties of construction material such as concrete and steel reinforcement. By means of various experiments given below, the mechanical and durability properties of both conventional and specially produced concretes will be examined thoroughly. Graduate and undergraduate students will also get hand-on experience with the way concrete is mixed, transported, placed, compacted, and cured as well as carrying out the experiments stated below. The facilities cover the followings: a)      Determination of the physical and grading properties of natural and artificial aggregates. b)      Production of conventional and self compacting concrete c)      Measuring fresh properties of self compacting concrete (flow ability, passing ability, viscosity) d)     Testing rheology of self compacting mortars or concretes according to Bingham Model e)      Measuring mechanical properties (compressive strength, splitting and flexural tensile strength) of cementitious composites. f)       Testing water permeability of concrete according to TS EN 12390-8 g)      Testing rapid chloride ion permeability of concrete h)      Measuring corrosion resistance of concrete by electro-chemical methods i)        Measuring gas permeability of concrete j)        Observing resistance of concrete against chemical attacks. k)      Determination of time dependent behavior of concrete l)        Production of light weight aggregates and determining their physical and mechanical properties m)    Production of recycled aggregates and utilization of these aggregates for concrete production
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