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Fabric Test Laboratory
Fabric Test Laboratory is used by undergraduate students to carry out necessary measurements and tests. Furthermore, this laboratory is designed for usage of post-graduate students and academicians in scientific studies.
  • Instruments and Apparatus
  1. SDL Atlas (Shirley) Water Vapor Permeability Tester
  2. DVT G21 Devotrans Yarn and Fabric Strength Tester
  3. Titan Yarn and Fabric Strength Tester
  4. Digital Elmendorf Tear Strength Tester
  5. Truburst Bursting Strength Tester
  6. Crockmeter
  7. Martindale Pilling and Abrasion Resistance Tester
  8. SDL Atlas Pilling Resistance Tester
  9. SDL Atlas Hydrostatic Head Tester
  10. SDL Atlas Air Permeability Tester
  11. Flammability Tester
  12. Spray Rating Water Repellency Tester
  13. Crease Recovery Angle Tester
  14. Wrinkle Recovery Tester
  15. Digital Fabric Thickness Tester
  16. Fabric Thickness Tester
  17. Ohmmeter
  18. Light Cabinet
  19. Sensitive Balance
  20. Fabric Sample Cutter
Tests and Measurements Performed in Fabric Test Laboratory
  1. Fabric Water Vapor Permeability
  2. Fabric Breaking Strength and Elongation
  3. Fabric Tear Strength
  4. Fabric Bursting Strength
  5. Crocking Fastness
  6. Martindale Fabric Abrasion Resistance
  7. Martindale Fabric Pilling Resistance
  8. Random Tumble Pilling Resistance
  9. Fabric Water Permeability Resistance
  10. Fabric Air Permeability
  11. Fabric Flammability Test
  12. Fabric Water Repellency
  13. Fabric Crease Recovery Angle
  14. Fabric Wrinkle Recovery Resistance
  15. Fabric Thickness
  16. Fabric Electrical Conductivity
  17. Fabric Weight
  18. Fabric Sett
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