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Solid State Physics Laboratory
The objective of the Solid State Laboratory is to provide fundamental experiments to the students on spectra of X-rays, crystal structure determination with X-rays by means of Laue and powder method, verification of Moseley’s law and Rydberg constant, absorption law of X-rays, investigation of Debye-Scherrer patterns of powder samples with diamond structure, hexagonal- and tetragonal-lattice structure and cubic Bravais lattices, calculation of the thermal and electrical conductivity of metals, determination of the Hall effect on a metal and n- and p- type semiconductor, identification of bandgap of germanium and its intrinsic conductivity, and the demonstration of the crystal lattice kits. This laboratory is equipped with X-ray basic unit, goniometer for X-ray unit, X-ray tubes of copper, molybdenum and iron, crystals of lithium fluoride, potassium bromide, and sodium chloride, polycrystalline samples, copper support plate, zinc carrier board, Hall-effect-module, n- and p-type Ge carrier board, intrinsic conductivity of germanium carrier board, and crystal lattice kits.
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